“Mark and Carmen Sample founded Samples World Bistro out of a love of good food, awesome craft beer and the desire to create a place of business that would offer work skills training and meaningful job opportunities to persons with intellectual disabilities. In partnership with Sample Supports, the mission of Samples World Bistro is to provide real world job experiences and long-term employment options for under-served populations in the community.

The world is always changing and so are we!  Our international menu will rotate to highlight flavors from all over the world.  Our newest addition is the Asian Samples menu.  We also have new beers, wines, & ciders on tap daily. “

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From Candie Schey:

“In 1884, Solomon Schey moved to 370 Main Street where he rented street side space for his store from the International Order of the Odd Fellows. Their original building at 370 Main burned in the fire of 1879 that destroyed all but two buildings on the east side of the 300 block of Main Street. The IOOF rebuilt on the same site, but this time the building was made of brick. When the IOOF built their new building in 1908, in the 400 block of Main Street where it is currently located, Solomon was offered the first right to purchase the building at 370 Main. He served as Treasurer for the group for many years.

Odd Fellows meeting notes dated May 20, 1907: “The Trustees reported that they had sold the Lodge property to Bro. S. Schey for the sum of $15,000.00.”

“The clothing store was in business for 112 years before closing its doors in 1994. In 1964, a fire broke out in the building and burned the second story. Upon remodeling, it was decided not to rebuild the upper floor. After Rusty’s passing, son-in- law Chick Clark owned the store, followed by Dan White. The building then was rented to an alcohol recovery group as a meeting place, and was home to a second hand store, then purchased by the owner of The Orange Door, a ladies’ consignment shop. The building is currently owned by Mark Sample and is home to Samples World Bistro.”

Photos Courtesy Schey Family and Longmont Museum:

Scheys 1930s

Schey’s 1930s

Solomon Schey Store Interior Early 1900s. Must get permission from Museum to use

Schey’s – early 1900s.

Advertisement: Daily Call 1930