Rosalee’s Pizzeria is an Old World East Coast Style
Neighborhood Pizzeria. “We decided to open Rosalee’s Pizzeria because we want to share with all of you, some of the things we value most-our love of good food, socializing with friends and family and being a part of our neighborhood – Longmont, and hang out with all of you in our backyard – Colorado.”

Rosalee’s has supported ArtWalk for as long as they’ve been open!

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History Tour Stop

This building was erected between 1900 and 1906. A dry goods store, operated by the Porter Barker Stores Company, was among the earliest retail tenants. The Home Cafe was located in the building in the post-World War II era, followed by the Dainty Pastry shop in the 1960s. There are no additions to the historic building. The façade dates from 1966.”

Photo Courtesy Longmont Museum:


Donna Lowe & Irene Somers, Dainty Pastry Shop 1937