“The Pumphouse opened in May of 1996 as an independently-owned, single-unit brewpub. To become a functional restaurant & brewery, the building had to be transformed radically, though much of the original architecture was left intact to preserve the Historical Landmark status of the building. Renovating a building of this nature – one not originally designed for restaurant use – leads to a somewhat quirky layout, but there is no doubt that the atmosphere is that much more charming & intriguing because of this.”

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The first recorded business at 540 Main St in City Directories was the Colorado Trading Company in 1918 – it was quickly followed in 1921 by the type of establishment associated with the Pumphouse for most of its history – over the years 540 Main Street has been home to several auto retailers, service shops and gas stations including the Cleland Motor Co, Standard Service Station, Rankin Chevrolet, and Troxell Chevrolet.

Photo Courtesy Longmont Museum, Rankin Chevrolet and Staff, 1940s:


Advertisement for the opening of the Standard Service Station, Longmont Daily Call July 26, 1930:


Did You Know?

The Pumphouse was – very briefly – a skating rink. In the winter of 1929 a local woman named Ollie Boggs purchased the building with her husband and renovated it thoroughly to be made into a skating rink that she named the Fairyland Skating Rink. The venture was short-lived, as the Standard Service Station opened only 7 months later.

From the Longmont Daily Call: November 7 1929: